Reports and Analyses

Interactive dashboards, and categorised structured data for external reporting and analysis

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Reports and Analyses

provides interactive use of dashboards to visualise and monitor emissions data.

facilitates a timely and responsive approach to reducing emissions via a robust yearly reduction plan based on your industry, chosen business activity metric, guided by UK’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) under the 2015 Paris Agreement.

How it works:

Data visualization dashboards showing emissions from production and transportation by supplier, manufacturer, sector, sub-sector, mode of transportation and expenditure/emissions.

Ability to drill down into results for analysis, with ability to slice data.


Verified tabular report output for use in annual reports.

Printable PDFs for your disclosures, and access to underlying data rolled-up for further analyses and external reporting.

Year-round access to your data.

Ability to share reports with internal stakeholders by way of email attachment.

Downloadable into Microsoft Excel for further analyses.

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