Product-level Data

Accurately calculates and consolidates data for supply chain management.

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Emissions audit at the product level

How it works:

Our cloud-based solution retrieves precise data at the product-level for procurement teams, buyers and their sustainability managers to:

–             meet regulatory & voluntary reporting requirements,

–             set credible net zero targets, and corresponding transition plans,

–             monitor the performance of their suppliers.

We collate, verify and consolidate your scope 3 emissions data on food and drink items to inform your emissions reduction plan and, to assist with disclosure requirements. We help businesses to navigate complex supply chains to identify the high emitters contained within their scope 3 inventory. By reviewing all business segments we can help you to provide a comprehensive response to the requirements under the Carbon Disclosure Project and UK Companies (Directors’ Report) and Limited Liability Partnerships (Energy and Carbon Report) Regulations 2018.

It is crucial that companies are confident in their climate emissions data as this supports adequate information-based decision-making.


Accurate & granular data at the product level facilitates meaningful action

De-risks your supply chain: provides view of most polluting assets for taking concrete action.

Saves time & is cost efficient: as information sources are fragmented, the data collation process can be lengthy.

A single system which supports Sustainability Professionals in managing such a vast array of compliance requests.

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