Product-level Data

Accurately calculates and consolidates data for supply chain management.

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Emissions audit at the product level

How it works:

We collate, verify and consolidate your scope 3 emissions data for the purpose of disclosure requirements. This data is used to inform your emissions reduction plan.

By reviewing all business segments we can help you to provide a comprehensive response to the requirements under the UK Companies (Directors’ Report) and Limited Liability Partnerships (Energy and Carbon Report) Regulations 2018. This requires large unquoted organisations to disclose GHG emissions, and energy efficiency measures as part of their directors’ report. Similarly, the ESOS, ISO14001 & ISO50001 certification frameworks all emphasise the need to improve energy efficiency and resource management via monitoring and evaluation of performance.

It is therefore crucial for all companies to become comfortable with their data, and the analysis required to identify areas for improvement. Track Carbon’s cloud-based tool allows your team to efficiently manage the reporting process by having the ability to track, and analyse data for the purpose of improving energy efficiency, and reducing GHG emissions.


Simplifies & Consolidates data: facilitates your disclosure and external reporting requirements.

De-risks your supply chain: provides view of most polluting assets for taking concrete action.

Saves time & is cost efficient: as information sources are fragmented, the data collation process can be lengthy.

A single system which supports Sustainability Professionals in managing such a vast array of compliance requests.

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