Who We Are

Track Carbon provides a consultancy service and software solution to large unquoted companies who are required to comply with the UK’s Energy and Carbon Report regulations 2018, and are firmly committed to becoming carbon neutral businesses by 2050. Track Carbon was born from an independent research project initiated in 2014 by our founder, to commence research and contribute effort to the sustainable prosperity agenda; an agenda which seeks to promote economic growth via the means of sustainable practice.

The research initiative was further developed in October 2019 to become a commercialised project with a commitment to helping UK-based businesses transition from carbon intensive to low carbon businesses. Through our work with the London School of Economics Innovation team LSE Innovation we were able to focus the core of our service offerings on the market-driven need to help businesses within the Services and Facilities Management sector develop and execute carbon reduction plans.

Having won the LSE’s Lean Accelerator Award for early-stage entrepreneurs in November 2020, our consultancy has focused on delivering an outstanding level of research, analysis and solutions alongside our emissions management software.

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