A single emissions management software for your climate needs

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How it works?

Consolidate & analyse historic emissions data

Emissions reduction TARGET SETTING for your business based ON MATRIX APPROACH informed by UKs NDC targets

Identify sectorial impacts based on your transition pathway & its financial materiality

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It unifies and simplifies all collated data in a format that can be used for audit and external disclosure. The model displays emissions in CO2e by source, asset type and sector, allowing you to identify where mitigation measures are required to reduce your emissions.

Yearly reduction target plan

Our software creates a robust yearly reduction target plan based on the UK’s Nationally Determined Contribution, this allows your business to identify the areas which require work.

Identifies risks

Enables identification of material financial risks to business as a result of changes to UK policy, legislation, technology and market governance (required to mitigate and adapt to climate change).

Consultancy service

Accounting & Disclosures: Our team of consultants will provide accounting treatment visual of transition risks for financial disclosures based on IFRS Standards and IASB recommendations.

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